Social Responsibility

Doing well by doing good... logoriceaf

EcoTelematics Group Oy operates in a socially responsible environment and strives to keep it in its everyday activities, both internally and externally.

For us, being socially responsible doesn't mean only to include the clause of social responsibility into our business strategy or into our annual reports.

The idea of social responsibility at EcoTelematics runs through every level of its operations, and results in an absolute believe that it is an essential part of the global sustainability. We have used ISO 26000 as guidance to integrate social responsibility into our values and practices.

After deep analysisof our business, several adjustments and transformations, we finally are proud to announce the compliance of our business and its operations with 7 core subjects of ISO social responsibility certificate. 

These 7 core subjects include:

  • Organizational governance: the organization of Ecotelematics is based on the principles of social responsibility, it is governed according these principles and is aimed on its everyday implementation.
  • Human rights: EcoTelematics highly respects all human rights and manages its business solely according to them.
  • Labour practices: EcoTelematics treats its employees fairly, according to the international rule of low, and cooperate only with those partners who follow the same labour practices.
  • The environment: Ecotelematics fuel management solutions directly influence the reduction of CO2 that is currently one of the main environmental issues in the global society.
  • Fair operating practices: The transparency and fairness of EcoTelematics operations gives its stakeholders clear insight into the company's operations, as well as into products and services provided by the company.
  • Consumer issues: EcoTelematics provides its products and services according to the consumer rights, being responsible for the quality of its product/service, as well as for its compliance with the declared characteristics and functionalities. All the possible issues are being solved in a peaceful way, in a consumer-beneficial manner.
  • Community involvement and development: EcoTelematics is a responsible international taxpayer for more than 15 years, thus contributing into the international community development and sustainability. EcoTelematics product scope is aimed on vehicle emission control, so the environmental responsibility of the company is embedded into its business mission; through its effective fleet management solutions EcoTelematics involves global society into solving environmental problems offering its consumers the tools to contribute into the global sustainability.

EcoTelematics knows how to do well by doing good!