Mobile Video Recorder

MDVR X5-E0804 V2.0 is an advanced and function-extensive Mobile Video Recorder specially designed for network high definition, analog audio & video input and excellent extension.

It uses high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combining with H. 264 video compression/decompression technology, network technology and GPS locating technology.


It can realize 720P high definition, WD1, D1, HD1, CIF and D1 video recording and vehicle driving information recording, as well as wireless data upload.

It is powerful with modular design, flexible installation, easy maintenance and high reliability.

Standard Features

3G (build-in)

Remote video download

Remote system configuration

Life view video

Wi-Fi (build-in)

Remote video download

Remote system configuration

Life view video

GPS (build-in)

All video images and event/alarm video/clips marked with GPS position

Speed detection and time sync


Video storage on 2TB hard disk

8 Inputs

Panic Button,

Crash sensors,

bus faults (if possible to connect with wire)


Camera sensor masking,

speed violation,


sensor trigger


Serial ports RS232 – 2pcs, RS485 – 2 pcs, USB 2.0 – 2 pcs

G-Sensors (internal)

Speed (1 channel pulse speed detection)

SD slot – 1

8 inputs/2 outputs


8 channel WD1 + 4 channel IPC 720P or 4 channel WD 1 + 8 channel IPC 720P

Access level

2 levels access (administrator/user)

Water proof rate


Operating temperature

-40°C - +70°C


DC 8V-36V