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Friday, 29 November 2013 17:00

Remote Tachograph Data Download

EcoTelematics has developed the new competitive solution!

Automate the process of following your legal obligations with new NaviFleet Remote Tachograph Data Download solution!

NaviFleet RTDD is adaptable to the needs of all transport companies, whatever their fleet size is. Data is transferred at any time and from anywhere in Europe. This makes downloading process fully flexible and enables you to download automatically.

With NaviFleet ET100 the data is transferred via mobile wireless network (GPRS) to a NaviFleet server to which you have protected access. Mass memory and driver card data can thus be downloading and transferred at anytime and from anywhere in Europe directly to the data archive.

• You save time and staff costs with the automatic download which can be carried out at any location with connection to mobile wireless network
• The company card remains in the office during the data download. This ensures the greater security
• You control the whole download process from the office
• Using NaviFleet ET100 you can also transfer additional data (e.g. the vehicle positions, fuel consumption, distance driving) over the air.

The system is mounted only in a legally approved tacho-service because the back of the tachograph is sealed. The system is adapted to the following tachograph models: Stoneridge – rev. 7.0 and newer, Continental DTCO – Rel. 1.3a and 1.4.

Friday, 15 November 2013 17:00

New Driving Performance Module

Driver training in combination with NaviFleet Telematics gives you the most control over your fleet's productivity and cost savings.

Ecotelematics would love to present its customers the New NaviFleet Driving Performance Module that enables fleet managers to monitor and optimize driver performance thus decreasing fuel costs and other operational costs.

According to the speed classification the system will automatically show the driving performance of the certain vehicle per hour or the overall fleet per day (both reports are available). If the harsh acceleration/deceleration appears less than 2 times per period, the system will show it in green, from 2 to 5 times – in yellow, if this event repeats more than 5 times per period – in red.

NaviFleet Driving Performance Module makes your fleet management process even more professional and effective.

To activate this module please contact our support team:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+371 6750 53 59

Friday, 08 November 2013 17:00

New GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Module

EcoTelematics is adapting the newest technologies!

The standard GPS module in NaviFleet telematic device was replaced with a new GPS/GLONASS/Galileo module Jupiter SL869 by Telit that dramatically improves navigation performance by providing access to the Russian GLONASS, U.S. GPS, and EU Galileo Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

The Jupiter SL869 reduces the delay from several minutes to seconds for a navigation device to acquire its position after being powered on. The module also reduces the incidence of lost satellite coverage, especially problematic in urban areas with tall buildings, by enabling additional satellite fixes that reduces blind spots. Finally, the module enables more accurate positioning, better "pinning" a person, car or an asset's true location on a digital map.

This leading-edge navigation module integrated in NaviFleet ET100 presents the new level of precision and reliability to Ecotelematics customers as well as simultaneously provides access to the leading Global Navigation Systems.

Friday, 27 September 2013 17:00

The New Department of EcoTelematics Group

EcoTelematics has extended its activity field and opened up a new department under the name of OQ Agency.

OQ is full service outsourcing IT agency that is a part of EcoTelematics Group. The agency delivers high-end digital solutions for all types of business. The goal of OQ is to build useful and successful products that people love.

OQ's main specializations include:
• Corporate websites;
• Promo websites;
• iOS/Android applications/Mobile application;
• High-load projects (such as social-networking websites);

OQ agency delivers services, such us:
• UX/UI design
• HTML/CSS/jQuery coding
• PHP, JAVA, Python, Ruby on rails, objective c, #c development

For more information please visit

The integration process of NaviFleet ET100 telematic device and Hella automotive passenger counting sensors (APCS) has been successfully completed.

Automotive passenger counting system NaviFleet APCS allows efficient counting of passengers in public transport. NaviFleet APCS delivers high-precision data on passenger traffic in real-time application such as statistical process control, calculation of income and transportation scheduling system.

Based on counting data transport operator can coordinate schedules, depending on traffic congestion. With NaviFleet APCS operator is able to make optimal use of the transport by filing a small or large transport capacity of passengers. The above steps can save operational costs of transportation.

The Hella Group develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry, Passenger Counting Sensors, and also has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis and services throughout Europe.

Friday, 06 September 2013 15:36

Garmin Authorized Partner

EcoTelematics is happy to announce its new status of Garmin Authorized Partner. Garmin is a pioneer in Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of GPS equipment.

Ecotelematics successfully uses Garmin device in Garmin-NaviFleet integrated fleet management solution for driver and dispatcher centre operative communication.

The new relationship status between EcoTelematics and Garmin marks more close cooperation and new future developments.

Friday, 23 August 2013 14:19

New Fuel Level Sensor Integration

EcoTelematics has started cooperation with Radio Communication Systems (RCS), Ukrainian leading GPS monitoring equipment producer.

The super precise fuel level sensor Epsilon has been fully integrated into EcoTelematics fleet management system that ensures high quality and efficiency of measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks.

Today Ecotelematics offers several fuel consumption control systems; this guarantees the best equipment compliance with particular project requirements.

Thursday, 22 August 2013 16:07

NaviFleet Integration

In order to enhance the use of NaviFleet software and enable the partners to use several telematic devices in one system, EcoTelematics has undertaken a number of integration actions.

Today NaviFleet software supports the following devices:

  • Falcom STEPP III
  • Falcom MAMBO2
  • Teltonika 1100
  • Teltonika 4200
  • Teltonika2200
  • Xirgo2
  • SkyWave IDP 680
  • SkyWave DMR 800
  • Skywave SureLinx IDP 780
  • Skywave SureLinx 8100
  • Queclink GMT100
  • Queclink GM500
  • Queclink GMT2000
  • Globalstar SPOT2
  • Globalstar SmartOne
  • Digitax X-One
  • Thrane&Thrane TT3022C
  • Thrane&Thrane TT3026LM
  • Waveon 738
  • Lincor
  • IntelliTrac

EcoTelematics policy is intended to rapid customization of existing products to the requirements of a particular customer; the company seeks to follow all the requirements of its customers and partners, as well as ensures the necessary level of integration and customization according to the market needs.

Recently the public carriers in Mongolia have obtained the useful tool for bus schedule and driver duty planning aimed at fleet real-time monitoring and its operations' optimization.

The Dispatcher Center operators monitor the process of regional carriage of passengers 24/7, thus providing passenger security and service quality.

The Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia has now become able to effectively control the performance of ordered passenger carriages and its compliance with the planned schedules.

According to the agreement terms, Ecotelematics Group Oy had to provide 1000 of regional busses with Satellite Monitoring System. This system includes the software for Dispatcher Center as well as integrated solution based on NaviFleet ET100 GSM/GPS Telematic Device and Skywave IDP680 Satellite Terminal.

The solution allows vehicle real-time monitoring providing information about vehicle condition and its driver performance, as well as transmitting the required data through satellite when GSM is not available.

The project was implemented by the consortium of 6 companies that included:

Kontrax ООД (Bulgaria) – general contractor;
Scortel ООД (Bulgaria) – sub-contractor of design and implementation;
EcoTelematics Group Oy (Finland) – dispatcher software and telematic equipment provider;
IVU Traffic Technologies AG (Germany) – schedule and duty planning system provider;
Udobniy Marshrut ООО (Russia) –ticketing system provider.

The ceremonial launch of Dispatcher Center was held in June 20 in Ulaanbaatar!

EcoTelematics is proud to announce the new partner agreement signed with one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies Deutsche Telekom!

The parties of the agreement declared the joint intention to co-operate with regard to the development, marketing, sale and deployment of M2M and telematics solutions based on the product offerings and related services of EcoTelematics and Deutsche Telekom.

The main objectives of this partnership are the followings:

• To exchange project information related to defined target markets and target segments;
• To integrate EcoTelematics Group as a fleet management solution provider partner to the existing partner network of Deutsche Telekom;
• To regularly exchange information related to the M2M/telematics market;
• To collaborate on the development of joint offerings.

This event is a great opportunity for EcoTelematics to continue its growth and increase its presence at international arena together with an internationally recognized partner like Deutsche Telekom.


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