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Friday, 23 August 2013 14:19

New Fuel Level Sensor Integration

EcoTelematics has started cooperation with Radio Communication Systems (RCS), Ukrainian leading GPS monitoring equipment producer.

The super precise fuel level sensor Epsilon has been fully integrated into EcoTelematics fleet management system that ensures high quality and efficiency of measuring the level of fuel in reservoirs and vehicle fuel tanks.

Today Ecotelematics offers several fuel consumption control systems; this guarantees the best equipment compliance with particular project requirements.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013 16:07

NaviFleet Integration

In order to enhance the use of NaviFleet software and enable the partners to use several telematic devices in one system, EcoTelematics has undertaken a number of integration actions.

Today NaviFleet software supports the following devices:

  • Falcom STEPP III
  • Falcom MAMBO2
  • Teltonika 1100
  • Teltonika 4200
  • Teltonika2200
  • Xirgo2
  • SkyWave IDP 680
  • SkyWave DMR 800
  • Skywave SureLinx IDP 780
  • Skywave SureLinx 8100
  • Queclink GMT100
  • Queclink GM500
  • Queclink GMT2000
  • Globalstar SPOT2
  • Globalstar SmartOne
  • Digitax X-One
  • Thrane&Thrane TT3022C
  • Thrane&Thrane TT3026LM
  • Waveon 738
  • Lincor
  • IntelliTrac

EcoTelematics policy is intended to rapid customization of existing products to the requirements of a particular customer; the company seeks to follow all the requirements of its customers and partners, as well as ensures the necessary level of integration and customization according to the market needs.

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Recently the public carriers in Mongolia have obtained the useful tool for bus schedule and driver duty planning aimed at fleet real-time monitoring and its operations' optimization.

The Dispatcher Center operators monitor the process of regional carriage of passengers 24/7, thus providing passenger security and service quality.

The Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development of Mongolia has now become able to effectively control the performance of ordered passenger carriages and its compliance with the planned schedules.

According to the agreement terms, Ecotelematics Group Oy had to provide 1000 of regional busses with Satellite Monitoring System. This system includes the software for Dispatcher Center as well as integrated solution based on NaviFleet ET100 GSM/GPS Telematic Device and Skywave IDP680 Satellite Terminal.

The solution allows vehicle real-time monitoring providing information about vehicle condition and its driver performance, as well as transmitting the required data through satellite when GSM is not available.

The project was implemented by the consortium of 6 companies that included:

Kontrax ООД (Bulgaria) – general contractor;
Scortel ООД (Bulgaria) – sub-contractor of design and implementation;
EcoTelematics Group Oy (Finland) – dispatcher software and telematic equipment provider;
IVU Traffic Technologies AG (Germany) – schedule and duty planning system provider;
Udobniy Marshrut ООО (Russia) –ticketing system provider.

The ceremonial launch of Dispatcher Center was held in June 20 in Ulaanbaatar!

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