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EcoTelematics is proud to announce the new partner agreement signed with one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies Deutsche Telekom!

The parties of the agreement declared the joint intention to co-operate with regard to the development, marketing, sale and deployment of M2M and telematics solutions based on the product offerings and related services of EcoTelematics and Deutsche Telekom.

The main objectives of this partnership are the followings:

• To exchange project information related to defined target markets and target segments;
• To integrate EcoTelematics Group as a fleet management solution provider partner to the existing partner network of Deutsche Telekom;
• To regularly exchange information related to the M2M/telematics market;
• To collaborate on the development of joint offerings.

This event is a great opportunity for EcoTelematics to continue its growth and increase its presence at international arena together with an internationally recognized partner like Deutsche Telekom.


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Friday, 19 July 2013 15:37

New Service Schedule Control Module!

To assist our customers in managing the right vehicle maintenance schedules, Ecotelematics has developed the new Service Schedule Control Module!!!

The module allows to control the following categories: 

• Maintenance
• Oil
• Filter
• Brakes
• Tires
• Warranty
• Insurance
• Tacho

Relying on the previously entered information about the service schedules, the program automatically alarms the managers about the required service times, as well as reminds about the warranty expiration and insurance renewal terms. 

The alarm can be both seen through NaviFleet program and sent to the selected e-mail.

This module provides fleet managers with useful tool to control vehicle service schedules and timely plan the vehicle maintenance dates.

For module free activation, please contact our support team:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+371 67 50 53 59

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The joint-stock company "Vilani Agricultural Selection Station" reports that for the period from February to June 2013, the vehicles of the company were equipped with 16 NaviFleet fuel and driver control systems.

According to the system's efficiency analysis, over this period the fuel consumption decreased for 31.9% or for 29 300 liters of diesel oil that is for 25 461.70 LVL/ 36 228.74 EUR in money terms (Statoil Latvia, 0,869 LVL/l for 10.06.2013). The system investments were justified in 2.37 months.

The main activities of the "Vilani Agricultural selection Station" JSC are the grain cultivation, dairy cattle-breeding, agrotechnical services and biohumus production. These business activities require the application of different types of heavy equipment that should be constantly controlled for successful growth of the contemporary business.

NaviFleet control system allows to track the vehicle in real-time, provides information about its mileage, fuel consumption, refueling and defueling, engine speed, its idling, etc.

For even higher work efficiency, the vehicle drivers of the company were equipped with special driver identification keys iButton that transmit information about the drivers' working-hours and schedules into the NaviFleet control system.

The NaviFleet system provides effective and efficient control of both vehicles and its drivers and is aimed on reducing costs and increasing profits of the business.

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EcoTelematics has signed the strategic partnership agreement with Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI).

As the demand on development and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Baltic's is rapidly increasing, Ecotelematics and TSI will join forces to establish the synergy between science and technology. This cooperation will result in development of highly effective solutions that together will create a framework for Intelligent Transportation System.

Within this partnership TSI represents scientific an organizational aspect of common projects, EcoTelematics, in turn, provides technological support of the projects.

Intellectual Transportation System is designed for an effective passenger transport management. EcoTelematics uses only innovative solutions to optimize transport operations, reduce operational costs and improve passenger service quality.

For more detailed information about ITS, please visit „ITS Solutions".

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