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Remote Tachograph Data Download

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EcoTelematics has developed the new competitive solution!

Automate the process of following your legal obligations with new NaviFleet Remote Tachograph Data Download solution!

NaviFleet RTDD is adaptable to the needs of all transport companies, whatever their fleet size is. Data is transferred at any time and from anywhere in Europe. This makes downloading process fully flexible and enables you to download automatically.

With NaviFleet ET100 the data is transferred via mobile wireless network (GPRS) to a NaviFleet server to which you have protected access. Mass memory and driver card data can thus be downloading and transferred at anytime and from anywhere in Europe directly to the data archive.

• You save time and staff costs with the automatic download which can be carried out at any location with connection to mobile wireless network
• The company card remains in the office during the data download. This ensures the greater security
• You control the whole download process from the office
• Using NaviFleet ET100 you can also transfer additional data (e.g. the vehicle positions, fuel consumption, distance driving) over the air.

The system is mounted only in a legally approved tacho-service because the back of the tachograph is sealed. The system is adapted to the following tachograph models: Stoneridge – rev. 7.0 and newer, Continental DTCO – Rel. 1.3a and 1.4.

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